Sacred Balance: 
Pathways for Awakened Soulful Living 

We provide an array of services and products designed to nurture healing, spiritual awakening, conscious creation and empowered living.  We are dedicated to global peace  and balance through through conscious living: living from the Soul.

Lori Lipten is the founder of Sacred Balance.

To  live consciously is the art of living in unification with the Soul. It means to awaken to the realization that our mental, physical and spiritual  health, and life experiences are manifestations of our inner world.  We as individuals are intricately bonded to one another  and to all life and our planet.  Our consciousness allows us to honor this connection so all life thrives into its highest potential.  

Our Mission is to intentionally honor and restore the Sacred Balance within our being: mind/body/emotion/spirit and our miraculous connection to all life on Earth. 

Sacred Balance is devoted to nurturing the Spiritual Awakening which supports conscious living. As we awaken spiritually, we recognize the profound interconnection with all life. 

Sacred Values for Sacred Service
We at Sacred Balance value the divine potential in all beings and seek to serve, nuture, uplift, and promote conscious creation in all aspects of life.  Our intention is to honor the sacred in all beings within every encounter; and to nurture our connection to all life on Earth. We do this through a personal commitment to conscious living on an individual, community, and global scale.  We at Sacred Balance strive to promote the Highest Good for all individuals.who experience our services and products. 

Lori Lipten works as an Intuitive Consultant, Holistic Coach, and Inspirational Workshop Leader.  To learn more about Lori, see our web page About Lori.
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Lori Lipten, M.A.
Sacred Balance:
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Welcome Home to the Sacred
Nurturing Inner Wisdom for  Extraordinary Living
When we understand us, our consciousness,
we also understand the universe
and the separation disappears.
-Amit Goswami, Physicist
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